How to Use Your Cushion Quilt

Cushion Quilts are very simple and easy to use. Just fold and zip, following the instructions below.

Step 1

To close, first fold the blanket in thirds so that the width is equal to the width of the pillow fabric.

Step 2

Second, fold the outside edges of the blanket into the middle so that both of the ends meet together in the middle.

Step 3

To zip, begin with the folded pillow between your legs and the open side closest to you. With one hand, hold where the zipper begins. With your knees, press the top of the pillow together and pull the zipper toward you, being careful not to catch the quilt in the zipper.

Step 4

As you pull the zipper toward you, use your hand to push the blanket down, away from the zipper. If the zipper is stuck, stop and push the inner blanket down.

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