For a neater, cleaner & more comfortable living space!

Made from high-quality Turkish fabrics, Cushion Quilts are the solution for a cleaner home, cleaner bedding, more free storage space and a more comfortable night's sleep. 

- Machine Washable & Dryer Safe

- Saves Space & Reduces Clutter

- Fast and Easy to Zip & Unzip

- Quilt Stays Clean & Dust Free All Day

- Convenient & Stylish

- Hand Made with Specialty Turkish Fabrics

- Lifetime Warranty

Cushion by Day & Comforter by night

The convenience of having this super-soft quilted comforter transform into a luxurious throw pillow means having a cleaner, more tidy, less cluttered and more beautiful living space to enjoy.


Lifetime Warranty






What Our Customers are Saying


The best of both worlds!

Who knew a pillow quilt even
existed?! We didn't until I saw an Instagram ad for this product and clicked through.

We just started vacationing in a DIY campervan and this is the bedding solution we didn't even know we needed. I bought two right before a trip and they arrived just in time. We have a queen sofabed in our rig and we leave our bed pillows, and now these cushion quilts zipped up as pillows on the sofa when it's not in bed mode.

In pillow mode it's a good plump/firm pillow suitable for couch use. In quilt mode it kept us warm down into the mid 40's over top of a standard sheet.

Unzipping is a piece of cake, but re-zipping takes some practice or a spare set of hands. The outer fabric is nice, and I'm hoping the quilt fabric gets a bit thicker after a wash. It's soft enough but feels like it needs a wash, hang dry and no heat tumble with some dryer balls to relax it a bit if using without a top sheet.

10/10 would recommend and buy again!

Phoenix, AZ

Saw this on an Instagram ad and really wanted to try it out. The pillow is pretty high quality and feels/looks like a normal pillow when it's folded up. The unfolded blanket is soft and thick like a nice comforter.Shipped very quickly as well! Could not recommend more. It's much better than I expected!

Jon Gustavsen
New York, NY

We just got our new pillows from @CushionQuilts and we are IN LOVE. They are so soft and when the sisters come to visit, we can lay the bench out into a bed and open up the pillows into blankets!

Maegan V
Los Angeles, CA

I live in a studio apartment and storage is very limited, plus I'm always cold here, even in the summer.

These Cushion Quilts are the perfect solution to having extra blankets without having a messy apartment.

I love having it on the couch as a pillow because it's firm and soft and perfect for laying on. The quilt is great for using when I'm on the couch watching TV or reading a book because I don't have to get up and it's pretty easy to put back into pillow form once you get the hang of it.

I'm really loving it and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Kerin Hannon
New York, NY

It's definitely higher quality than I expected. Not only is the construction durable, but the fabrics feel really wonderful. It's so nice to have something you buy online exceed your expectations.

Steve P
Phoenix, Arizona

I love LOVE this pillow! I initially bought two for the RV to save some space BUT I ended up buying a few more for my grandkids to keep in the guest room. It's a fun thing for them every time they visit. They love it too.

Linda B
Denver, Colorado

I was searching for a comforter for our new campervan build and a friend thankfully sent me to this page! Best solution! These pillows are not only great to lounge on but when they open up to a comforter they are extremely comfortable comforter that is a great size! I loved the first one we got so much I ordered another one! I already see many movie nights in the van using these. They zip up super easy and I know they are the perfect solution to save space in the van!

Evieanna Santiago
Chicago, IL