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Can Your Duvet Do This?

Cushion Quilts are the warm and cozy comforters that transform into elegant cushions, perfect for lounging and  storing, making it the ultimate choice for use on the bed, on the couch, or on the go.

The 2-in-1 design saves space and makes it easier to store, ideal for those with limited storage space. Additionally, it is machine washable and easy to clean, ensuring that it stays fresh and hygienic.

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Best invention ever!

Ok first I will start with the general idea of Cushion Quilts. Phenomenal! I never knew I needed one until I saw them, at which point I almost immediately ordered 2! Because they are a start up, sure, I didn’t get mine the next day like if they were something I ordered from Amazon, but I also wasn’t expecting that. These are very high quality. I would not be surprised if the owner told me she sewed these herself. The stitching is very nice. The construction is high quality. The quilts are cozy. I’m actually thinking of gifting a couple more to some of my family members. I can see these taking off like a jet, so Cushion Quilts, get ready! You’re gonna be inundated with orders, if you aren’t already. One day I would like to see some more fabric and size choices if possible; maybe even some custom fabric choices. I would seriously put at least one in every room! Love, love, love these! (PS, I also feel so honored to get in on these early on!) So happy with my purchase!!

The Best!!!

I absolutely love, love, love the new Cushion Quilt Throw Pillow I recently received. The outer fabric is plush and of high quality. I'm also quite pleased with the color I selected as it blends very well with my overall decor. The zipper hardware is functional, also of high quality and easy to use. Once you open the pillow to fully expose the hidden quilt it is just simply heaven. Inside is a substantial ....(the size is great)... fluffy quilt to cozy up into if you wish while sitting on the sofa or in your favorite chair. It's well worth the price and well worth the wait (if you have to wait for delivery due to the dire shipping situation and it's still not under control). I know I'll be snuggly (is that a word??) and pleasantly warm, cozy and comfortable throughout the upcoming winter months, thanks to my new quilt/pillow. I just love it!!!! What a great discovery of a great idea!!!!

Just beautiful!

My cushion quilt just came and it is beautiful! The quality is amazing and the comforter itself is so soft and cozy! I got the hemp linen and I just love it! What a great idea… I had never heard of something like this and it is just what I needed for my guest room! Thank you Cushion Quilts! I’m so happy!

Awesome pillow!

Bought the beige pillow for my husband to use in our RV because it's compact when folded up but big enough to cover him when open. Lightweight but feels like it will keep him warm. Is a great design. Will probably buy one for myself too!Cushion Quilts! I’m so happy!

Better than expected.

Saw this on an Instagram ad and really wanted to try it out. The pillow is pretty high quality and feels/looks like a normal pillow when it's folded up. The unfolded blanket is soft and thick like a nice comforter. Shipped very quickly as well! Could not recommend more.

Everything I hoped it would be!

This product is simply gorgeous. I love the color. It's exactly what you see on the website. It's really so soft! I didn't think I'd be crazy about the velvet, but it's great. In the beginning, the zipper is a little difficult, but once it's been zipped and unzipped a few times, it's really easy. So happy I made this purchase, It was everything I hoped it would be.

Everyone’s Favorite

I ordered two of these amazing pillows for our travel trailers bunks. They have become a family favorite and now come in the house when we aren’t traveling. I’ll have to order more so I don’t have to drag them around! The comforter is the perfect weight and softness. Probably my favorite purchase this year!

Best solution for Van Life!

I was searching for a comforter for our new campervan build and a friend thankfully sent me to this page! Best solution! These pillows are not only great to lounge on but when they open up to a comforter they are extremely comfortable comforter that is a great size! I loved the first one we got so much I ordered another one! I already see many movie nights in the van using these. They zip up super easy and I know they are the perfect solution to save space in the van!

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