How Your Cushion Quilts Get From Here to There

Cushion Quilts are manufactured in Turkey.  We opened our facility here one year ago, after having  searched across four continents and dozens of countries to find both the high quality of fabric and artisan skill needed to make the quality of products exceed our customers expectations.

Turkey has a long heritage of superior textile craft and we utilize that long-standing tradition to create a product that will have the quality and durability to live up to our brand promise of helping you “Live More Comfortably“.

When items are pre-ordered, that means they are ordered while still in the manufacturing phase, or having just completed it.  Because our products are manufactured in Turkey they must be delivered by cargo ship from Europe to the port in New Jersey, where we receive the product in the United States.  This takes approximately four weeks.

From there your products are transferred to a professional and specialized fulfillment warehouse.  We selected this facility because of its state-of-the-art technology, efficiency, and accuracy in fulfilling orders.

While this decision was made so that it would expedite the shipping process, when it comes to pre-ordered items, it does add an additional amount of time, as these orders must first be received and then packaged and processed before shipping.

Once the fulfillment warehouse has received the product, it usually takes about two weeks for them to prepare for shipment.  

Cushion Quilts are each delivered separately.  

if you ordered four items, you will receive four separate boxes.  if you ordered one item that’s in stock, and one pre-ordered item, for example, you may receive your in stock item before receiving your pre-ordered item.

This blog will attempt to help you to understand exactly what stage pre-ordered items are at in the fulfillment process. 

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to us by email. You can email or you can send us a message from the homepage.

We appreciate your order and are working hard to earn your trust and confidence in our product and our company.